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dc.contributor.authorTran, Daniel
dc.contributor.authorKadono, Takashi
dc.contributor.authorMolas, María Lia
dc.contributor.authorErrakhi, Rafik
dc.contributor.authorBriand, Joël
dc.contributor.authorBiligui, Bernadette
dc.contributor.authorKawano, Tomonori
dc.contributor.authorBouteau, Francois
dc.description.abstractOzone (O3) is an air pollutant with an impact increasingly important in our industrialized world. It affects human health and productivity in various crops. We provide the evidences that treatment of Arabidopsis thaliana with O3 results in ascorbate-derived oxalic acid production. Using cultured cells of A. thaliana as a model, here we further showed that oxalic acid induces activation of anion channels that trigger depolarization of the cell, increase in cytosolic Ca2+ concentration, generation of reactive oxygen species and cell death. We confirmed that O3 reacts with ascorbate in the culture, thus resulting in production of oxalic acid and this could be part of the O3-induced signalling pathways that trigger programmed cell death.
dc.format.extentp. 569-578
dc.sourcePlant, Cell & Environment. 2013; vol.36 no.3
dc.titleA role for oxalic acid generation in ozone-induced signallization in Arabidopis cells
dc.unlpam.instituciondeorigenFacultad de Agronomía
dc.unlpam.filiacionTran, Daniel. Université Paris Diderot; Francia.
dc.unlpam.filiacionKadono, Takashi. Université Paris Diderot; Francia.
dc.unlpam.filiacionMolas, María Lia. Universidad Nacional de La Pampa. Facultad de Agronomía; Argentina.
dc.unlpam.filiacionErrakhi, Rafik. Université Paris Diderot; Francia.
dc.unlpam.filiacionBriand, Joël. Université Paris Diderot; Francia.
dc.unlpam.filiacionBiligui, Bernadette. Université Paris Diderot; Francia.
dc.unlpam.filiacionKawano, Tomonori. Université Paris Diderot; Francia.
dc.unlpam.filiacionBouteau, Francois. Université Paris Diderot; Francia.
dc.subject.keywordArabidopsis thaliana
dc.subject.keywordAnion channel

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